Commercial Door Safety Inspections

At Same Day Door, we understand the importance of maintaining the safety and security of your commercial and residential doors. That’s why we offer comprehensive door security inspections for all types of commercial doors and residential garage doors to ensure your doors comply with the latest safety regulations and provide the necessary protection for your property and its occupants. Our skilled technicians will assess and address potential issues, providing peace of mind and a safer environment.

Commercial Door Safety Inspections

Our commercial door safety inspection service thoroughly examines every aspect of your commercial doors, from their structural integrity to their functionality and compliance with fire safety standards. We recognize the essential role these doors play in your building’s overall safety, particularly when preventing the spread of fire, and offer an additional fire door safety check. Ultimately, these services ensure regulatory compliance and provide better security for you, your employees, and your valued customers.

Fire Door Safety Check

A fire door is designed to withstand the heat and destruction of active fires. Our experts meticulously examine your fire doors for compliance with the latest safety standards, assessing everything from the door’s closing mechanism to its latching hardware, alignment, edge clearances, sealing, and integrity. This check is crucial as it ensures that your fire doors will perform effectively in preventing the spread of smoke and flames. This, in turn, safeguards lives and property. The National Fire Protection Association (standard 80 and 101) requires annual NFPA fire door inspections for all fire-rated commercial swing, rolling, and sliding doors.

Understanding AAADM/ANSI 156.10, 156.19, and 156.38 Safety Standards

The American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers (AAADM) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) set forth standards 156.10, 156.19, and 156.38 to govern the safety and performance of automatic pedestrian doors. These standards are critical for ensuring the proper installation, operation, and maintenance of automatic doors in various settings,

AAADM/ANSI 156.10 — Safety Standard for Full Automatic Doors

This standard applies to full automatic doors and outlines the necessary safety measures and requirements for their operation. It emphasizes the installation of sensors and safety devices that prevent users from being struck or pinched by moving doors, ensuring a safer interaction for all.

AAADM/ANSI 156.19 — Safety Standard for Low-Energy Doors

This standard, which is focused on low-energy doors, specifies the safety features required for doors that operate at slower speeds and with lower forces. It protects users who may interact with these types of doors, including those who are physically impaired, by mandating the presence of safety mechanisms that minimize the risk of injury.

AAADM/ANSI 156.38 — Safety Standard for Low-Energy Power-Operated Sliding and Folding Doors

This standard covers low-energy power-operated sliding and folding doors, detailing the safety requirements to protect users during operation. It ensures that these types of doors provide the necessary assistance without compromising on safety, particularly for users with limited mobility or strength.

At Same Day Door, our technicians are well-versed in these AAADM/ANSI safety standards, ensuring that your automatic doors meet these critical safety requirements. Our comprehensive inspections check for compliance with these standards, identifying and rectifying any areas of concern to guarantee the highest levels of safety and performance for your automatic doors.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to ensure the safety of your commercial property or a homeowner aiming to enhance your residence’s security, our team is here to help. Choose us for all your commercial door and residential garage door inspection needs, and rest assured that you’re in good hands.