Commercial Entry Installation Pevely, MO

Commercial Entry Installation Pevely, MO

Commercial Entry Door

Before Commercial Entry Door Repair

Description of Broken/Non-Functional Door

Newly constructed walls required all new doors, frames and hardware where there had not been any previously.

After Commercial Entry Door Repair

Description of Work Done

Installed one single door and frame and door and frame pair with all new hardware.

More Details About Commercial Entry Door Repair

Commercial Entry Installation Pevely, MO

Pevely, MO – Same Day Door Service offers excellence in commercial door services throughout the Greater St. Louis Area. The following case study highlights a commercial entry door installation project conducted by Same Day Door Service at a church daycare facility. The objective was to enhance security and manage foot traffic by constructing two new walls and installing brand new doors, frames, and hardware.

Commercial Entry Door Background:

The church daycare recognized the need to improve security measures and control the flow of foot traffic within their premises. To address these concerns, they decided to have two new walls framed up, creating separate areas to manage entry and exit points. Same Day Door Service was approached to install one single door and frame, as well as a door and frame pair, with the inclusion of all necessary hardware.

The Proposed Solution for the Commercial Entry Door:

Same Day Door Service collaborated closely with the church daycare management to determine the specific requirements for the commercial entry door installation project. Detailed discussions were held to understand the security and traffic management objectives, as well as the desired aesthetic and functional aspects of the doors.

Following the planning phase, the execution phase involved the following steps:

  • Measurement and Customization: Accurate measurements were taken to ensure precise door and frame sizing. Same Day Door Service worked with reliable suppliers to source high-quality doors, frames, and hardware that met the specific needs of the project.
  • Wall Framing: Two new walls were professionally framed by a skilled construction team, creating designated areas for entry and exit.
  • Door and Frame Installation: Same Day Door Service installed a single door and frame at one entry point and a door and frame pair at the other entry point. The doors were aligned, leveled, and securely attached to the frames.
  • Hardware Installation: All necessary hardware, including handles, locks, hinges, and door closers, was installed to ensure optimal functionality and security.

Results of the Commercial Entry Door Installation:

Same Day Door Service successfully completed the commercial entry door installation project at the Pevely, MO church daycare. The project’s objectives were met, and the following outcomes were achieved:

  • Enhanced Security: The installation of sturdy doors, frames, and reliable hardware significantly improved the facility’s security measures, helping to protect children and staff.
  • Efficient Traffic Management: With separate entry and exit points, foot traffic was better controlled, providing a safer and more organized environment for everyone.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: The newly installed doors and frames complemented the daycare’s overall aesthetic, creating a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

Conclusion of the Commercial Entry Door Installation:

Same Day Door Service effectively completed the commercial entry door installation project in Pevely, Mo at the church daycare, delivering enhanced security and improved traffic management. The daycare facility now benefits from reliable, durable doors and frames, along with functional hardware that ensures smooth operation. By successfully meeting the client’s objectives, Same Day Door Service strengthened its reputation for delivering quality services and demonstrating expertise in commercial entry door installations.

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