Commercial Window Repair St. Louis

Commercial Window Repair St. Louis

Commercial Window Repair

Before Commercial Window Repair

Description of Broken/Non-Functional Door

The exterior pane of glass on an insulated (double pane) glass aluminum storefront window was shattered.

After Commercial Window Repair

Description of Work Done

Replaced the broken piece of glass with a 1" insulated piece of glass.

More Details About Commercial Window Repair

Commercial Window Repair St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis – Same Day Door Service provides quality door repairs and installations from the heart of St. Louis throughout the surrounding areas. This case study highlights a project to replace a shattered exterior pane of glass on an insulated (double pane) glass aluminum storefront window. Same Day Door Service successfully replaced the broken glass with a 1″ insulated piece, restoring the door’s functionality and aesthetics.

Commercial Window Repair Background:

In the bustling downtown area of St. Louis, a commercial establishment faced an unfortunate incident where the exterior pane of glass on their insulated glass aluminum storefront window shattered.

The Problem with the Commercial Window:

The shattered window not only compromised the door’s security but also affected the building’s energy efficiency. Same Day Door Service was called upon to repair the damage promptly and efficiently.

The Solution for the Commercial Window:

Upon arrival at the commercial establishment, Same Day Door Service conducted a thorough assessment of the damage. The team examined the extent of the shattered glass and evaluated the condition of the surrounding framework. After gathering the necessary information, a detailed plan was formulated to execute the repair process efficiently.

The Same Day Door Service team executed the repair project as follows:

  • Glass Removal: Same Day Door Service carefully removed the shattered exterior pane of glass, ensuring the safety of the surrounding area and minimizing further damage.
  • Measurement and Customization: Accurate measurements were taken to procure a suitable replacement insulated glass piece. Same Day Door Service worked with trusted suppliers to source a 1″ insulated glass pane that matched the existing framework’s specifications.
  • Glass Installation: The new insulated glass piece was precisely installed, ensuring a secure fit within the aluminum storefront window framework. Proper sealing and weatherstripping were employed to prevent any air leaks or water infiltration.
  • Quality Assurance: The repair work was thoroughly inspected to ensure proper alignment, stability, and overall functionality. Same Day Door Service conducted rigorous quality checks to confirm the restoration of security and energy efficiency.

Results of the Commercial Entry Door Installation:

Same Day Door Service successfully completed the commercial entry door repair project in downtown St. Louis achieving the following outcomes:

  • Restored Security: The shattered exterior pane of glass was replaced, reinstating the door’s security and protecting the commercial establishment from unauthorized access.
  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency: The installation of a new 1″ insulated glass piece improved the building’s energy efficiency by providing better insulation and reducing heat transfer.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: The newly installed insulated glass seamlessly integrated with the existing framework, restoring the storefront window’s aesthetic appeal.

Conclusion of the Commercial Window Repair:

Same Day Door Service effectively repaired the commercial entry door in downtown St. Louis, delivering restored security, enhanced energy efficiency, and improved aesthetics. The prompt and efficient repair work showcased the company’s expertise in commercial door repairs and commitment to customer satisfaction. By successfully meeting the client’s objectives, Same Day Door Service solidified its reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality commercial entry door repair services.

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